Bellevue and its Region

Bellevue and its Region

What do you want to do during your stay in Bellevue? Far from the noise and stress of you city life, you might be willing to begin with DOING NOTHING … The only unavoidable effort you will have to do is to go down the 5 steps to  the swimming pool just in front of your room. In this overflow pool heated up to 28°C (with a heat pump) you can enjoy bathing between April and October. In your deckchair you will take a rest and think of nothing or everything, but essentially of the present moment bliss … You will appreciate the calm and luxurious surrounding panorama.

Slowly your curiosity will awake and you will feel like discovering the vicinity. You can walk on the marked paths of the Parc régional des Monts d’Ardèche, that will lead you through rounded hills, chestnut groves, meadows, river canyons. From the panoramic viewpoint between the villages of
Les Ollières and St Sauveur de Montagut you will step above the Eyrieux river and capture the essence of its wild beauty.

Are you a mountain bike addict? You will enjoy ‘all level’ circuits in the vicinity. Right down from Bellevue there is an old railway track, called la Dolce Via, that will lead you from St Laurent du Pape to St Fortunat sur Eyrieux and then to Le Cheylard. You will be wending through quietly, following the Eyrieux river meanders, admiring wild and jagged landscape that will awake your adventurer soul. Where to rent your bike – at Eyrieux sport at Les Ollières.

If you cannot resist historic or cultural issues, you will be interested by visiting the Museum of Protestantism. If you are curious about what life was like in the 19th century in Ardèche, the Ecomusée des terrasses will give you an idea about terrace agriculture and dry stones walls that edged fields in days of yore. Indeed, in these gone by days, life was not easy in Ardèche, its farmers worked hard in the meager soil and steep landscape: wool museum Ardelaine and chestnut house Maison du Châtaignier in St Pierreville keep the record of their difficult lives.

Ardèche towns will welcome you in their picturesque and shopping streets: La Voulte and its remarkable geological sites before the reopening of its unique fossil museum, Privas and its delicious ‘chestnut spread’, Chalencon, an ancient fortress, and the Chauvet Cave – a Unesco World Heritage site.
At this stage of your holidays you will be probably longing for some excitement: a down-river in canoe or kayak, or adventure playgrounds are waiting just for you!

In sum: it is up to you to make your choice, and you have many options in Ardèche …

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